4 Computers in medicine and health care

  1. Your evil stepfather left your elderly mother, and she is starting to show signs of dementia. He offers to pay for a prototype robot caregiver that is the darling of the high-tech biomedical community. What do you do?
  2. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un brought his own toilet to his 2018 Singapore summit for fear of having his medical information stolen. Should the average citizen be this paranoid when it comes to providing medical information to EMRs/PHRs? Do EMRs/PHRs help physicians better treat their patients, or do they result placing sensitive information at risk for hackers?
  3. In recent years, “anti-vax” movements have flourished across the world. Notably, celebrity Jenny McCarthy claimed that vaccines gave her son autism, despite any valid medical evidence linking the two events. However, anti-vax communities have gained strength by using the internet to spread misinformation about vaccines. How has technology resulted in vaccine fear mongering? What ways are there to quash rumors? Could the anti-vax movement be classified as a public health crisis caused by the internet?

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