Written by four accomplished and knowledgeable authors, this is the only comprehensive guide to solutions so that resourceful citizens can survive medically, emotionally, and financially.

The Second Edition has new material on:

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Getting care
  3. Schooling during COVID
  4. Businesses, jobs and work
  5. Finances
  6. Living well during COVID
  7. Coping at home
  8. Seniors and other vulnerable populations
  9. Pandemic modeling
  10. Safe internet use

Readers should be moderately comfortable with the internet. You are keen to learn more about tech that can help you, your family, and your business. You have been flooded with data about the pandemic, not all of it reliable. You want one source with valid information.  You are curious about ways in which people with courage and resourcefulness are thriving. This book will be of particular interest to entrepreneurs, small business owners, parents of school-age children, and government workers involved in COVID activities and policy decisions.