Ethical Tech Startup Guide is a clear and concise presentation of principles for ethical tech startup success, with recommendations are grounded in the experiences of 26 example firms and the entrepreneurs whose leadership and skill animated them.

My primary audience is individuals contemplating a technology start-up or already working for one. In most cases, they are technically trained individuals with idea, talent, drive, and hunger for success, and with visions of creating a big company with a breakthrough product. Many such individuals will want to change the world for the better. Most will seek riches as their reward. But they typically have no business background and have no idea where to begin.

No worries — you do not need an MBA to create a viable tech startup! Reading this book will improve your ability to decide whether you should create a startup, will guide you in doing so knowledgeably, professionally, creatively, and ethically, and then steer you wisely towards growth and profitability.