3 Computers in education and learning

  1. Read the following Humans of New York (HONY) excerpt on an incredible Egyptian immigrant who taught himself using Khan Academy to make up for lost education, ultimately attending Columbia University. Do you think this method would work for the general public? Why or why not? Are there certain qualities one must possess to harness online education via Coursera, EdX, XuetangX, and FutureLearn?
  2. Are flipped classroom styles methods used by teachers to evade in person teaching responsibility, by putting the onus on the student to understand the material from a video? How do issues of digital inclusion play in this conversation?
  3. Nowadays, grade school to university level classrooms encourage the use of presentation software in lieu of traditional poster boards. Are PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi useful for learning? Or are they frivolous extra steps in a school project carried out by students simply because it is now commonplace?

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