2 Digital media and intellectual property

  1. The Wayback Machine keeps a digital archive of all internet sites. In your opinion, should it be outlawed because it makes it impossible for people to escape their past mistakes?
  2. Why do you think that illegal downloading or piracy of film, music, and TV is not viewed a serious crime akin to burglary or theft?
  3. In 2015, Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple Music criticizing their 3-month free promotion. During the promotion, users would not pay for music – and artists would not be paid. Swift argued that it was unfair to ask artists to give their products without compensation, and that this practice perpetuates the belief that consumers do not need to pay for music. Her stance was met with praise from smaller artists and copyright supporters but faced backlash from those who claimed that a free streaming trial would give less-popular artists more publicity and bigger payouts down the line. What side do you stand on the Apple Music argument? Are these ever-popular streaming services exploiting artists, or increasing the breadth of their popularity?

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