11 Artificial intelligence, explanations, trust, responsibility, and justice

  1. Will “singularity”, as Ray Kurzweil calls the blending of human and machine intelligence, help or hinder the human race?
  2. Have Amazon Alexa or Echo, Google Home, or Siri improved human life? Are we better off and more advanced because of these products, or are they marking our laziness and inability to perform simple tasks? Also, these smart programs seem to be able to understand people with Western accents more so than Asian or African ones. Is this a bias?
  3. Rich Caruana refused to allow his neural net risk analysis of pneumonia patients because he did not fully understand its algorithm. Do you agree with his ethical stance? Why or why not?
  4. Is opaque AI used in medical care or medical assistance determination inherently discriminatory towards disabled or lower socio-economically placed people? What can these people do to fight it? Are our systems inherently and perpetually focused on keeping such people down?
  5. Human parole boards and systems like COMPAS (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions) erroneously deem black defendants as more prone to recidivism than white defendants. Is there any way to remove this wrong bias? If AI is supposed to be better than humans, how do we unteach AI our own biases?

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